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Dogs & cats have entered a shelter in the U.S. since this page was opened.

Adopt a 'Clone'

Your companion animal’s ‘clone’ is waiting for a home…

In the U.S., there here are millions of cats and dogs in animal shelters who will never be adopted, because there are not enough adopting-homes. Fortunately, there are many shelters, rescue organizations, and individuals who advertise cats, dogs, and other animals who are available for adoption all across the nation. There is no need to pay tens-of-thousands of dollars to clone an animal, when there are so many animals who would love to join your family.

Check out these cats and dogs and their ‘clones’ available for adoption or search for your own on PetFinder.com!

Companion: Navi
Look-Alike: Bob
Visit Bob on PetFinder.com
Companion: Little Rhett
Little Rhett
Look-Alike: Dakota
Visit Dakota on PetFinder.com
Companion: Quincy
Look-Alike: Rusty
Visit Rusty on PetFinder.com
Companion: Tasha
Look-Alike: Sasha
Visit Sasha on PetFinder.com

Search for your cat or dog's clone on Petfinder.org!
Send us one digital pic of your cat or dog and the link to his or her 'clone' to info@nopetcloning.org.

If the resemblance is remarkable your cat or dog may be featured on this page in the near future!

We will email you if your photo has been selected for the site, due to the volume of submissions we will not be able to feature all photos submitted. Thanks for your entry!

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