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"US Company Drops Commercial Cloning" The Korea Times, 09/11/09.

"Give The Dog A Clone" Long Island Press, 07/09/08.

"Dispute Upends SNU Cloning Plans" JoongAng Daily, 05/20/08.

"Disgraced Expert Seeks Funding For Pet Cloning Firm: Scientist" AFP, 05/15/08.

"South Korea Clones Labrador Puppies From Top Drug Dog" TV3.co.nz, 04/26/08.

"World's First Cloned Dog Will Participate in First Breeding of Cloned Dogs" Lifenews.com, 04/25/08.

"South Korea to Use Cloned Dogs to Sniff for Drugs, Explosives" Los Angeles Times, 04/24/08.

"First Order for Pet Dog Cloning" BBC, 02/15/08.

"Glow-In-The-Dark-Cat Could Help Cut Disease" Telegraph, 12/13/07.

" Pet-cloning business closes -- not 'commercially viable'
Owner had sought to replicate his own beloved husky mix
" San Francisco Chronicle, 10/11/06.

"Cat cloning firm in Marin loses all its nine lives" San Francisco Business Times, 10/06/06.

"The Perils of Cloning" Time, 07/05/06.

"A Talk With Dolly's Creator" Time, 07/03/06.

"New To The Stable: Two Champion Clones" Washington Post, 03/31/06.

"Here's Snuppy, 1st Cloned Dog" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 08/04/05.

"In a Furry First, a Dog is Cloned in South Korea" Washington Post, 08/04/05.

"Dog Cloned by South Korean Scientists" National Geographic, 08/03/05.

"Korean First to Sucessfully Clone a Dog" USA Today, 08/03/05.

"USDA: no pet cloning regulation" The Scientist, 07/19/05.

"Give a Dog a Clone" IDG News, 06/27/05.

"A&M Cloning Project Raises Questions" Associated Press, 06/27/05.

"Another Missy: Can Dog Cloning Be Far Off?" San Francisco Chronicle, 05/29/05.

"Hello Kitty, Hello Clone" New York Times, 05/28/05.

"Cloned Pet Ban Rejected: Law would have been Nation's First"" San Francisco Chronicle, 05/04/05.

"Pet Cloners Hope New Lab, Lower Costs Helps Spur Demand" Associated Press, 04/17/05.

"Conservationists Debate Cloning Rare Species" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/28/05.

"Clones Promise Unfulfilled in Farming" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/27/05.

"See Spot - Again?" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 03/26/05.

"Pet Peeve: New Bill Would Ban Pet Cloning" San Francisco Bay Guardian, 03/22/05.

"Clone Your Troubles Away: Dreaming at the Frontiers of Animal Husbandry" Harper's Magazine, 02/05.

"The Truth About Pet Cloning" United Animal Nations Journal, 02/05.

"Pet-Clone Sales Spur Call for Ban" National Geographic News, 2/23/05.

"War of the clones" The Scientist, 2/17/05.

"Pet Clones Spur Calls for Limits" Washington Post, 2/17/05.

"California Considers Ban on Pet Cloning" Reuters, 2/9/05.

"Coalition Seeks Ban on Sales of Cloned and Genetically Modified Pets" Californians Against Pet Cloning, 2/9/05.

"Genetic Savings & Clone: Can Pet-Cloning Company Cash In on Founder's Dream?" MIT Technology Review, 2/4/05.

"Cats With 10 Lives" Legal Affairs Magazine, January/February 2005.

"First cloned pet revives ethical debate" NewScientist.com, 12/23/04.

"First Cloned Cat Sold in U.S.: Generates Ethics Debate Associated Press, 12/23/04.

"$50,000 Cloned Kitten Truly Isn't One of a Kind" Los Angeles Times, 12/23/04.

"Cloning Kitty" Christian Science Monitor, 11/24/04.

"Company Offering to Clone Cats for $50,000" Houston Chronicle, 11/19/04.

"Animal Advocates Oppose Pet Cloning: American Anti-Vivisection Society Launches Public Education Campaign," AAVS/USNEWSWIRE, 11/18/04.

"Biotech Cats Wouldn't Trigger Allergies," Associated Press, 10/27/04.

"Science producing more advanced products for the rich" CBS Market Watch, 10/22/04.

"Cloned Kitties Star at New York Cat Show" Associated Press, 10/11/04.

"Kitty Clones a Curiosity at NY Cat Show" Reuters, 10/10/04

"Company Claims It's Cloning Pet Cats," Reuters, 8/17/04.

"Refined Cloning Gets Whisker-Close" USA Today, 8/5/04.

"Here, kitty-kitty-kitty-kitty Sausalito firm offers clones for $50,000, signs up 5 cat owners" San Francisco Chronicle, 4/15/04.

"Cat Cloning Offered to Pet Owners" National Geographic News Online, 3/25/04.

"Cloning pets: In search of Fluffy 2.0" MSNBC/MSN Interactive, 2004.

"A year later, cloned cat is no copycat" Associated Press, 11/04/03.

"Cloned Pigs Differ from Originals in Looks and Behavior" North Carolina State University, 4/14/03.

"Banteng Clone Euthanized" The Scientist, 4/11/03.

"Texas A&M Halts Companion Animal Cloning" JAVMA News, 1/1/03

"Widespread Dysregulation in Clones" The Scientist, 9/13/02.

"Who Will Cash in on Cloning?" ABC News, 5/2/02.

"Clone a pet? Idea rubs some people the wrong way" Cincinnati Enquirer, 4/22/02.

"Tears of a Clone" The Guardian (UK), 4/19/02.

"Is the Carbon-Copy Cat Causing Questions from your Clients?" Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 4/1/02.

"Copy Cat: Cloning Success Brings Pet Duplication Closer" San Francisco Chronicle, 2/15/02.

"Texas A&M Clones First Cat" Texas A&M University, 2/14/02.

"Cloned Mice Die Young" USA Today, 2/11/02.

"Cloned Animals Meet Early Deaths" New Scientist, 2/10/02.

"The Awful Truth" New Scientist, 5/19/01.


"Religion a Prominent Cloned-Food Issue" Washington Post, 10/19/06.

"FDA Is Set To Approve Milk, Meat from Clones" Washington Post, 10/17/06.

"Groups Say FDA Should Ban Sale of Food From Clones" Reuters U.K., 10/12/06.

"Groups Tell FDA, Keep Cloned Animals Off Our Dinner Plates" Press Release from the Center for Food Safety, 10/12/06.

"Regulating Commercial Cloning of Animals" Science Magazine, 10/28/05.

"Cloning Can't Create Perfect Pet" Toronto Star, 8/16/05.

"Good Grief, Snuppy" San Francisco Chronicle, 8/10/05.

"Replicating Pets" South Bend Tribune, 6/14/05.

"'Savings and Clone' Morally Bankrupt" San Antonio Express-News, 4/17/05.

"Cloning Outpacing Ethics" Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/28/05.

"It's Not a Sale if No One's Buying" Wisconsin State Journal, 3/24/05.

"Designer Pet Guarantee: Animal Suffering and Consumer Deception" The Eureka Reporter, 3/20/05.

"No Comfort in Pet Cloning" Sacramento News & Review, 3/10/05.

"Now is the Time to Ban Pet Cloning" Village News, 3/9/05.

"Cloning is an Imperfect Science [cartoon]" The New Yorker, 3/07/05.

"Cloning Pet Poses Problems" Collegian, 3/03/05.

"The Case of the Cloned Kitten: An Ethical Challenge" The Christian Post, 1/12/05.

"With so many animals out there, cloning is cruel" Nashville City Paper, 1/4/05.

"Pet cloning a barometer of priorities" Sacramento Bee, 12/29/04.

"There's No Need To Clone Pets" Denver Post, 12/24/04.

"The Clones' Yowl (AAVS Letter)" The Scientist, 11/22/04.

"Science Builds Better ‘Mousetrap’: It’s Hypoallergenic" San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/10/04.

"Just Cloning Around" Newsweek, 10/12/04.

"Madison -- A Cloning Capital?" Capital Times, 10/12/04.

"Editorial Notebook; Cloning a Bad Idea" NY Times, 10/9/04.

"Send in the Clones" Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/2/04.

"Pet Cloning Expensive, So Love Living Creatures" Albuquerque Journal, 9/13/04.

"Rover is Not Replaceable: Forget Cloning" Los Angeles Times, 8/24/04.

"Hello Kitty or Frankenpet?" San Francisco Chronicle, 4/20/04.

"Technology Moves Faster than Regulators" USA Today, 12/28/03.

"A Tribute To Andy: The One And Only" The Pet Connection/ VeterinaryPartner.com, 3/5/02.

"Your New Cat Hates You Gullible animal worshippers beware: Pet cloning is a big fuzzy-wuzzy lie" SF Gate, 2/20/02.


AAVS Audio News Release, 8/05

"Pet Cloning" Capital Public Radio: Insight, 07/7/05.

"Critics in Catfight Over Pet Clone Firm [video]" Fox Report, 03/28/05.

"First Commercial Pet-cloning Lab to Open In Waunakee[audio]"
Wisconsin Public Radio, 03/03/05.

AAVS Audio News Release, 1/05

"This Company Will Clone Your Cat [transcript and video]"
CBS Evening News, 09/08/04.

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